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About us

Welcome to the Assesston website. Our Mission. We share the Values.

Welcome to the Assesston website.

We assume that you are a person who is planning to start and develop your own business, has an interest in innovations in the world of financial instruments, need to finance your idea, plan to buy or sell real estate or just browse the net, weaning to "invest" a little of your free time to keep up with all this.

Assesston offers a wide range of consulting services focused on three areas - Business | Trade Optimization and Business Development; Finance | Finance, Mortgage, Consumer Lending and Business Finance; Realty | Realty Acquisition, Sale and Real Estate Development.

Our Mission

To offer consulting services and optimal strategic solutions for the development of your ideas over the time, accompanied by high professionalism and ethics, efficiency and long-term partnership.

We share the following Values:

  • Responsibility to your trust - It is the most important for us;
  • Professionalism and High customer service;
  • Long-term relationships - To be your long-term partner, giving you the necessary time to hear, analyze, assess and evaluate your latest idea;
  • Development and cohesion - to develop your personal and professional knowledge and skills, transferring them to your company's team;
  • Ethics - to You - the Customer, to our Competitors, to Ourselves and the things we Daily do;
  • Solidarity - to form a community of interests and create an environment for sharing experiences and successes;
  • Consistency - to build and leave behind a better and tidier world for our children.

We are at your disposal for a brief consultation upon any of your questions. Do not hesitate to make an inquiry or just phone to us.

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