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Assistance in finding, selection and acquisition of realty

7 important steps - Research. Review. Selection. Choice. Financing. Documentary review and preparation. Purchase.

With the Assesston's Realty Selection and Purchase Assistance Service, you will be able to confidently proceed to the purchase of a new home or investment property in a significantly shorter time than usual. Thanks to the well-arranged stages of our service, the selection and acquisition of real estate are fully tied to your requirements and expectations. 

We research the market for you, prepare a selection of real estate within the locations desired and together with you we visit those that most fully attract your approval. After a thorough analysis of the qualities of each of the selected real estate proposals and active review of the documents provided by the seller, and the necessary documents for the acquisition, we assisst and organize everithing from the beginning to the turnkey. In addition, you will be able to receive advice on other important issues realty related to your acquisition as - financing from a bank or financial institution, choosing the right mortgage plan, evaluation of the needs and costs for repair and also their additional finishing, followed by tasks' subsequent implementation in short term.

With care for your time and money, we create emotion and turn the choice of a real estate into a pleasure.

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