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Thorough inspection of real estate

Consulting service that will save you time and give you the peace of mind you need before entering into a acquisition or sale of real estate.

Assesston offers a full study of the status /documentary, phisical (ass a premises) and other/ of real estate and our services is useful in the following cases:
o    When you intend to buy or sell real estate, but you would like to pass the deal as quickly as possible without taking up your full time?
o    When you would like to be sure in the possibilities for development of real estate in the future?
o    You are not quite sure of the completeness of the information provided to you by the other party. 
The object of our consulting service are most often the following real estates types:
o    Apartments with or without garages / parking spaces;
o    Houses and separate floors of houses;
o    Independent retail outlets - Office, Shop, Warehouse, others;
o    Whole buildings (residential, commercial, multifunctional, hotels and others);
o    Land properties in and out of regulation;
o    Agricultural lands - meadows, fields, agricultural lands with or without permanent crops.
The scope of research depends on the specific real estate and the need for partial or full inspection. Most often it consists of: 
o    Review of available documents;
o    Obtaining a list of the missing documents;
o    Check for the presence or absence of weights;
o   Relevance and completeness of the information about the property in the Registry Agency, Municipality by region, AGCC, NAG, NUPA and other agencies when necessary;
o    Acquisition of necessary documents and documentation for entering into a purchase or sale transaction. 
You can trust on our professionalism in the field of real estate!
In a short time we will perform all the necessary checks, we will obtain the necessary information and documents for a calm and non-committal entry into the transaction. We will provide you with our recommendations for subsequent necessary procedures for optimizing the value of the real estate in the future and the associated costs of its management.
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